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How CBD Helps Calm My Anxiety When Traveling

This post is sponsored by Veritas Farms. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
I love traveling with my family! But that doesn't mean that anxiety doesn't kick in as soon as the big travel day arrives. I run around getting all the last minute things ready. Did I pack everything we need? Where are the passports? Did I grab the snacks for the plane? Will we make it in on time to catch our flight? Don't forget to take the kids to the bathroom before we board the plane. I know I'm forgetting something! These and a million other thoughts are running through my mind every time we get ready to leave on our next trip. I literally feel sick to my stomach every single time. My mind racing. My head pounding. I feel like a mess! I stress about everything and anything. It usually ends up affecting my mood and the entire family feels it. That's why I recently decided to give Veritas Farms CBD products a try. Read on to find out how CBD helps my anxiety when traveling.

10 Ways to Plan a Budget-Friendly Family Vacation

Nothing can dim your post-vacation glow quite like realizing you've overspent and gone way over your vacation budget. It's a fact that when you don't have the right tools and strategies in place, even trying to plan a cheap family vacation can be a huge and very expensive challenge. That's why today I want to offer you a little insight into how we plan a budget-friendly family vacation. I want to share with you some of the best strategies that help me and will also help you stay on track next time you take a family trip.

Pineapple is King: 4 Things to Do with Kids at the Dole Plantation

We recently returned from our Spring Break family vacation in Oahu, Hawaii, and one of our favorite places to visit while there was the Done Pineapple Plantation. Today I'm sharing 4 things to do with kids at the Dole Plantation. Read on!

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Overspending On Your Next Vacation

There so much that goes into planning your next trip! And overspending can be one of those huge pitfalls you probably want to avoid. So before packing your bags and getting ready to head out on your next adventure, consider my 5 tips to help you avoid overspending on your next vacation. These are some great ideas to help you plan ahead and allocate your vacation funds so you don't end up spending beyond your budget. 

Top 10 Eccentric Picnic Spots Near Mumbai

As a traveling family we're always looking for fun adventures where ever we go. Today's guest post shares some great spots in Mumbai, perfect for a family picnic during your travels. Have you ever been to Mumbai? Here are top ten eccentric picnic spots near Mumbai.

Go on a Safari Wilderness Experience in Central Florida with Kids

Have you ever made friends with a water buffalo? We did! And you can too when you go on a Safari Wilderness experience in Central Florida.

We were so happy to be invited to visit the Safari Wilderness Ranch in Lakeland, during our recent family trip to Florida. They offer a rare and unique experience that my family will not soon forget. We enjoyed spectacular up-close encounters with free roaming ostriches, llamas, zebras, African watusi and many other species, including endangered ones! Many animals came right up to our safari vehicle and we got to hand feed them, which was incredible! 

The Vessel at Hudson Yards & So Much More to See and Do

The Vessel at Hudson Yards is NYC's New Landmark

Have you seen New York City’s newest landmark?

Meet the Vessel! A new kind of public landmark. It’s NYC's new landmark and the centerpiece of the new Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s west side. The Vessel (as it is known for now since you can suggest a new name) is an architectural masterpiece meant to be climbed and explored  — 154 interconnecting staircases, 2,500 steps, and 80 landings. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen in NYC and the city views are incredible as you climb to the top!