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Uruguay: Casapueblo is a Fascinating Place to Visit with Kids

Uruguay with kids - Visit Casapueblo with Kids

There are so many reasons to visit Uruguay with kids -- cultural experiences and art centers being one of them. Casapueblo was one of the many places we visited during our family trip to Uruguay last year. Originally the home and art studio of famous Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, Casapueblo is a fascinating place to visit with kids. A beautiful structure with breathtaking views, and every afternoon a Sun Ceremony is held on the museum's terrace. Just minutes before sunset, the artist's voice recording plays over a loud speaker dedicating a poem to the sun to bid it farewell.

Adiós Sol…! Mañana te espero otra vez. Casapueblo es tu casa, por eso todos la llaman la casa del sol. El sol de mi vida de artista. El sol de mi soledad. Es que me siento millonario en soles, que guardo en la alcancía del horizonte. ~ Carlos Páez Vilaró

You can view this Youtube video that shows the "Ceremonia del Sol" that takes place daily as the sun sets over Punta Ballena, just 13 kilometers from Punta del Este.

Uruguay with kids - Visit Casapueblo

Uruguay Family Vacation

Visit Casapueblo with Kids

You may not be back to traveling just yet but that doesn't mean you can't dream up amazing places to see once the world is open again. During our family trip to Uruguay, I knew we couldn't miss a stop at
Casapueblo. It includes a museum and art gallery where you can see and learn all about the work of
Páez Vilaró. Here you can tour art-filled rooms, view a film on the artist's life and travels, and lounge around on magnificent terraces to take in spectacular ocean views. Definitely a must add to your Uruguay bucket list when traveling with kids!

Casapueblo is a whimsical building that looks like it belongs on the Mediterranean coast of Santorini. However, the inspiration for this building was the nest of the hornero -- a South American bird, an emblem of Uruguay, that uses mud to build its unique chambered nest -- which Páez Vilaró referenced when building his elaborate home. Made of cement and stucco, it took 36 years to complete and has thirteen floors with terraces that allow you to take in optimal views of the sunset over the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

But that's not all, Casapueblo is also a hotel with 20 rooms and suites and 50 apartments, pools, a spa, restaurant and bar. It's a cultural center and a beautiful place with an amazing story, a unique structure with breathtaking views. Club Hotel Casapueblo has a restaurant called Las Terrazas (The Terraces) that's worth a visit. We enjoyed a delicious lunch overlooking the water and I highly recommend it!

Casapueblo, Uruguay

The home is a tribute to the late artist's son who was one of the sixteen Uruguayan survivors of the plane crash over the Andes mountains in 1972. You might know the story if you've watched the movie Alive (staring Ethan Hawke) about the Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed into the Andes. 

Casapueblo is a fascinating place to visit and a great place to explore with the kids. Not to be missed, there's tons of art and culture behind these white walls! Entry to El Museo Taller de Casapueblo (the museum and art gallery) is free for kids under 12. General admission is $300 Uruguayan pesos (or about $7USD at the time of this post). 

Cats of Casapueblo
Carlos Páez Vilaró was a cat lover and his many cats still live at Casapueblo.

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