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The Vessel at Hudson Yards & So Much More to See and Do

The Vessel at Hudson Yards is NYC's New Landmark

Have you seen New York City’s newest landmark?

Meet the Vessel! A new kind of public landmark. It’s NYC's new landmark and the centerpiece of the new Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s west side. The Vessel (as it is known for now since you can suggest a new name) is an architectural masterpiece meant to be climbed and explored  — 154 interconnecting staircases, 2,500 steps, and 80 landings. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen in NYC and the city views are incredible as you climb to the top!

Visit the Vessel at Hudson Yards in NYC
The Vessel is made up of 154 interconnecting staircases, 2,500 steps, and 80 landings, you must see to believe!

Climbing the Vessel at Hudson Yards

This extraordinary spiral staircase of sorts and interactive public art installation was imagined by Thomas Heatherwich as the focal point of the Public Square and Gardens at Hudson Yards. As visitors climb the Vessel they'll enjoy a new perspective of New York City from different heights, angles and vantage points. It's incredible!

Take the kids! They’ll love exploring this staircase maze and taking in the city from different angles and at different heights as they climb to the top. From here you’ll also get great views of the Hudson River and Weekawken, NJ across the river. Make it all the way to the top of the Vessel and you’ll be standing 150 feet above ground level. The city views from here are impressive! 

Tips for Visiting the Vessel at Hudson Yards

We had a great time climbing to the top and back down, stopping at each landing to take in different views of the city. Make sure to bring your camera as you're sure to snap some Instagramable moments and capture some unique shots of Midtown West and beyond.

Know Before You Go

Hudson Yards can be found between 30th and 34th Street and 10th and 11th Avenues on the Midtown-West Side of Manhattan. The Vessel is easily accessible via the number 7 subway train that now stops at the new Hudson Yards subway station.

Best part about it is that it’s FREE for anyone to explore. Free tickets are available online at the hudsonyardsnewyork.com website. You can also grab tickets the day you go, just make sure to be there as soon as they open at 10AM. The Vessel is open Monday through Sunday from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

There is an elevator for disabled visitors ONLY. No strollers are allowed inside the Vessel so you’ll have to park those outside before you enter. 

Since opening, Hudson Yard's Vessel has drawn a lot of scrutiny over its Terms & Conditions, which included (somewhat shady) an overreaching rights grabs over the content of all visitors. Those Terms & Conditions have since been adjusted for the better (though they're still troubling). Hopefully they're more changes in the works, but for now I just thought you should know.

Hudson Yards is unlike anything ever built before—a living, breathing neighborhood that champions first-to-New York experiences. Here you can climb the interactive centerpiece of Hudson Yards, temporarily known as Vessel; visit The Shed, a new center for art and inspiration; or take in the scene from thrilling new heights on the observation deck—Edge—an outdoor space a thousand feet in the air. Hudson Yards will also be home to Snark Park, a permanent exhibition space from Snarkitecture featuring a tri-annually rotating schedule of playful and immersive design environments. 

So Much More to See and Do at Hudson Yards

Once you’re done checking out the Vessel, don’t leave without exploring the rest of Hudson Yards. There’s so much to see and do here! Check out The Shops, grab a yummy bite to eat, and see some cool art too! Coming soon is a new arts center called The Shed, and also a new observation deck called Edge -- the highest man-made outdoor viewing area in the western hemisphere that will offer sky views of New York from a hundred stories up. Exciting!

Snark Park

Our favorite is probably Snark Park, an immersive rotating exhibition meant to challenge visitors to investigate the familiar with fresh curiosity and will house three different exhibitions per year. “Lost and Found” is the current one (running now though August) and sure to stir your curiosity. The present installation, "Lost and Found", and others to come, invite visitors of all ages to contemplate, explore, and play. And since Snark Park is every-changing, visitors will never have the same encounter twice. It's a must-see experience every time you visit Hudson Yards. So don't leave without checking it out! You'll find Snark Park located on the second floor of The Shops at Hudson Yards. Here there's also a KITH Treats cereal bar where kids can build and enjoy a yummy ice cream treat. 

The Shops, anchored by New York City’s first Neiman Marcus on the 5th, 6th and 7th floors, comprise more than a mile of shopping and feature over 100 shops and restaurants.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there’s lots of family-fun to be had at the new Hudson Yards and the Vessel is definitely an experience not to be missed! No matter if you’re a tourist or if NYC is the place your family calls home. Go! There's so much to see and do at Hudson Yards, plus the climb to the top of the Vessel is totally worth every step! 


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