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Pineapple is King: 4 Things to Do with Kids at the Dole Plantation

We recently returned from our Spring Break family vacation in Oahu, Hawaii, and one of our favorite places to visit while there was the Done Pineapple Plantation. Today I'm sharing 4 things to do with kids at the Dole Plantation. Read on!

A visit to the Dole plantation offers a great opportunity for kids to learn about the pineapple industry and its history. Besides learning about this yummy prickly fruit we all love to eat, we also had fun taking an in-depth look into Hawaii’s flora and fauna, beyond the pineapple. We visited not once, but twice, since we enjoyed this place so much. There’s endless family-fun to be had during a visit (or two) to the Dole Plantation!

4 Things to Do With Kids at the Dole Plantation

Pineapple is king at the Dole Plantation and every attraction here is centered around this delicious tropical fruit. 

1. Ride the Pineapple Express

It's a fun ride aboard the Pineapple Express! A short train ride lets visitors explore acres of lychee, banana, mango, papaya, cacao, coffee, and of course pineapple crops. 

2. Conquer the World's Largest Maze

After that, we made our way through the 3-acre garden maze -- one of the world’s largest. There's even a Dole Plantation app that helps you navigate your way through the maze.

3. Take a Tour of the Garden

A a self-guided tour through the Plantation Garden is not to be missed. The Dole Plantation app comes in handy during this part of the trip as well. We used it to help us gain insights into the history of the plants, their native uses, and more!

4. Don't forget the Dole Whip

Before leaving, we also made sure to dip into the Dole Plantation restaurant and shop. We grabbed a bite to eat at the restaurant (serving local fare) and explored the Dole Plantation shop to chose some pineapple goodies to take back home. 

Also make sure to leave a little time to check out the local vendors situated right outside the shop and snatch up some handmade souvenirs. We snatched up some great finds!

Once we were done, we cooled off with a refreshing world-famous Dole Whip. Yum!

Have you ever been to Oahu? 

Are you looking forward to visiting the Dole Plantation?

The Dole Plantation is located at 64-1550 Kamehameha Hwy. in Wahiawa. 

Visit doleplantation.com for more information before you visit.

Happy travels!

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